Q: When does the game come out? Is it available yet?

A: Since it’s an ongoing project, there is no official release date. To ensure a quality game made with passion, we take the time we need to make it right without any pressure or constraints. Bits will be made available as we build the game.

What you can play right now is the prototype sandbox playtest: a small map with 2 trucks and basic game mechanics. While you enjoy this tiny bit, we’re working on the rest of the game. But you have to understand you’ll be playtesting basic mechanics, not a game even close to completion.

Q: What’s the release date?

A: There is no release date for the game, but the playtest is live now.

Q: How can I participate in the playtest?

A: Here’s how to get access to the playtest:

  • You first need a Steam account. If you don’t have ont, go to https://store.steampowered.com/, create an account and install Steam on your computer.
  • Once you’re in Steam, search for “Snow Plow” in the search bar. Access Snow Plow’s store page.
  • You’ll see a green button that says “Request Access”. It’s where the “Add to cart” button usually is.
  • The number of “seats” available is limited and they are randomly granted by Steam amongst players waiting. You’ll get an email when your access is granted.
  • Once your access is granted, you’re ready to install and play like any other Steam game.

The access is totally free and you’ll get updates as well as long as the Playtest is going. Once the game is released for purchase, the playtest will terminate and you’ll lose access. For more information about the playtest, click on the “Play” button at the top of our website.

Q: When will my Playtest access be granted?

A: We admit players at a constant pace to make sure we keep things under control and to eliminate any potential gamebraking bugs before too many people jump into the game. You might not get access right away as it is random and NOT on a first-come-first-serve basis, but keep an eye on you inbox as it should take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: As long as it is an early stage project: Free, but in limited numbers. If it becomes a proper game with a commercial potential, it will be made for sale at a very affordable price. This is essentially a game made by gaming enthusiasts. We believe everyone should be able to play games that they enjoy, no matter their budget.

Q: What platform will it be on? Any mobile version?

A: PC only for now, via Steam. No mobile version. Console? We are not planning on it for now, but who knows!

Q: Will there be … ? Can you add … ?

A: Maybe. Most likely yes. But most importantly, suggest it! Reach us by any of our social media of via email. There is no specific plan and the project evolves as it goes, so your idea might become part of it.

Q: Mod support? Multiplayer? VR?

A: No, we are not planning on providing mod support for now. Mod support is a lot of work to make sure people’s creations will work in the game. It’s not as easy as letting people add their creations. So with limited resources, we’d rather put time and energy on the game’s core. Same with multiplayer and VR. Those are very desirable game-changing features, but they won’t be considered as long as the core game is not at a satisfactory level.

Q: Controller support?

A: Yes, most controllers, steering wheels and panels are now supported with custom mapping.

Q: Merch?

A: We are currently working on making promotional merchandise.