In the heart of a quiet snow storm…

It’s the calm before the storm…

This wintery town has seen snow before. Your fleet has been taken care of since the last snowfall and is ready for a long day. Get some rest as the first snow flakes start falling, this one is going to be a big one. You’ll wake up early and get to work, we must make sure the streets are safe when the morning comes.

3:00 am. Time to go. The snow has piled up already, and the worst is yet to come. Which machine will you pick? The dumper truck and hit the main roads and boulevards? The motor grader and head downtown to clear its busy narrow streets? Or the loader and go for backstreets and parking lots? Why not go out of the city and take care of country roads?

One thing is sure, you’ll have to face a great deal of surprises! Can you efficiently and safely operate your truck while managing your business and dealing with unusable roads, rapidly changing weather conditions, last-minute contracts and urgent requests?

Welcome to Snow Plow Project

Snow Plow Project is a realistic, moody and slow-paced indie simulation game project for PC that takes place during a quiet snow storm. In the line and spirit of the many simulation games that hit the indie market with great success in the last years, this game focuses on driving and operating machinery in a realistic manner in order to clear snow from the streets and roads.

The project is still in very early stage of development and what you see does not reflect the final result in any way, as many elements are incomplete or missing. This project is fueled by passion, developed by gaming enthusiasts who are independently developing the game for fun, and most importantly, shared with the world as it takes shape. Creating this game was and still is a long learning journey. We are glad to see a community of simulation genre videogame enthusiasts gathering and supporting this project. You can join us by subscribing to one of our social media pages.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the game available?

Not yet.

When and where will the game be available?

Since it’s an ongoing project we want to share, it will be available for free during development. Development versions will be shared for free in limited numbers via Steam. Don’t expect a complete, bug-free and polished game with a perfect gameplay.

Keep this in mind:

  • It’s a simulation game. No race, no explosions, no enemies. Just a slow paced, moody game of driving, roads, landscapes, and of course, snow. Lots of snow!
  • The first versions will show the game mechanics, snow plow system, and driving physics in a limited world.

So let’s answer the question: The dev version, as described above, is expected in early 2021. Then it will be continuously updated in the future as the work progresses.

How much will it cost?

As long as it is still an early stage project: Free, but in limited numbers.

If it becomes a proper game with a commercial potential, it will be made for sale at a very affordable price. This is essentially a game made by gaming enthusiasts. We believe everyone should be able to play games that they like, no matter their budget, so don’t expect a 80$ launch with DLC’s and micro transactions 😉

What platform will it be on? Any mobile version? VR? Multiplayer?

PC only for now, most likely via Steam.

No mobile version. Who’s gaming on a phone anyway?

Console? It will depend on the games’ success. We are not planning on it for now, but who knows!

We are not planning on a VR version.

Multiplayer is being considered right now. If doable, it will be online with both coop and competition options.

Will there be … ? Can you add … ?

Maybe. Most likely yes. But most importantly, suggest it! Reach us by either email, Reddit or Facebook and share your comments. There is no specific plan and the project evolves as it goes, so your idea might become part of it.

Mod support?

No, we are not planning on providing mod support for now.


We are currently working on making promotional merchandise.