Project status: Prototype playtest
The playtest of the prototype version is out on Steam while we are developing the the main game based on the feedback.

In the heart of a quiet snow storm…

It’s the calm before the storm…

The town of Wintervale has seen snow before. Your fleet has been taken care of since the last snowfall and is ready for a long day. Get some rest as the first snow flakes start falling, this one is going to be a big one. You’ll wake up early and get to work, we must make sure the streets are safe when the morning comes.

3:00 am. Time to go. The snow has piled up already, and the worst is yet to come.

One thing is sure, you’ll have to face a great deal of surprises! Your goal is to brave the elements and safely operate your truck while dealing with unusable roads, rapidly changing weather conditions, last-minute contracts and urgent requests.

If there is one thing we don’t get bored of, it’s those magnificient winter landscapes and the peacefulness of a snow storm.

Welcome to Snow Plow Project

Snow Plow Project is a realistic, moody and slow-paced indie simulation game project for PC that takes place during a quiet snow storm. In the line and spirit of the many simulation games that hit the indie market with great success in the last years, this game focuses on driving and operating machinery in a realistic manner, in order to keep the roads and streets safe by clearing snow and ice.

The project is still in very early stage of development. This project is fueled by passion, developed independently by gaming enthusiasts and shared with the world as it takes shape. Creating this game was and still is a long learning journey. We are glad to see a community of simulation genre videogame enthusiasts gathering and supporting this project. You can join us by subscribing to one of our social media pages.

Status of the project: Prototype playtest

Right now, what we have is a game prototype made of multiple assets, scripts and core mechanics, assembled together in a sandbox that you’re free to explore. Those assets and mechanics are being used in the actual game development. Many features are yet to come, starting with the gameplay.

We want to reiterate that this is currently a project, not a confirmed game. The prototype is shared for free with the community with a limited number of seats. You can try it at it’s current state while it’s being developed. Meanwhile, we are building the main game based on community feedback.