Dev blog

  • Dev Blog 8: Physical Snow
    Physical snow has been time-consuming for the last weeks. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that emulating snow is a big challenge. Still leaning towards a playtest demo and a campaign mode, but there is a bit of foundations that need to be laid prior…
  • Dev Blog 7: Optimization
    Optimising a game is a matter of reducing litterally everything to the bare minimum, but without degrading the visual realism of the scene. That’s exactly what’s been done to Snow Plow during the last weeks.
  • Dev Blog 6: Dev team, gameplay, and more
    Snow Plow Project is getting to a point where, with all the mechanics and aesthetics working, I’m more and more confident in having more people trying it. It really gained much potential over the last months.
  • Dev Blog 5: Setting the stage
    As winter is rolling in, snow is blowing in Snow Plow! Good thing we have a new machine coming out of the factory right in time! The brand new dumper truck is out! Plus: Procedural clouds, moon, northern lights, multiplayer, world creation, and more.
  • Dev Blog 4: Creating the world
    It’s time to start creating the world, and we’re starting from zero… Let’s start now and create a small map that will be a creation playground, we’ll call it a sandbox.
  • Dev Blog 3: Environmental system, and the problem with snow.
    Here’s the problem with snow: it is made of billions of particles that collide with each other and with the environment. In other words, something unmanagable for a computer. So the challenge was to replicate that behavior in a way that a computer can calculate in realtime. Some funky stuff have been tried in the past, but here’s the solution I came up with.
  • Dev Blog 2: Attempts
    Creating Snow Plow Project is also a learning journey. Several attempts at creating the game were made in the last years. Before getting to the actual version, a few ugly versions have been made. Want to see what it was looking like?
  • Dev Blog 1: A decade long journey
    Amongst all the questions I get concerning Snow Plow Project, the most frequent is: Why is it taking so long? It could be that when I started this project about a decade ago, I didn’t know how to make videogames. I just wanted to create and play a snow plow simulation game, so I decided to learn everything I needed to be able to create it.