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May 4th update

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Happy monday folks!

As summer is rolling in, snow is blowing in Snow Plow. It's been about two seeks since my last update and Dev Blog 3, and, even if the whole COVID situation is very unfortunate, for those of us who are lucky enough to stay safe and healthy at home it's a good time for getting creative. In fact, it allowed me to work on the project like never before. So things are moving fast.

Right now, I have nothing to show you. 🙁 It is because the last thing that has been completed is the main menu, and since the main menu is the first thing you'll see when launching the game, I don't want to spoil the first impression. If you want to know what it looks like, just think of something gorgeous, that's how it looks like 😉

So now that we have a weather system giving crazy weather conditions out there, plus a game menu, in-game UI, and all the loading screens to smoothly transition between all of those, what's coming next?

The road system is being implemented right now. For testing purposes, I am creating a sandbox map that will not be part of the final world. Just a small map with roads, forest, buildings, and every element that needs to be tested before implementing in the "real" map. That's the map that you'll be able to try first as soon as we have a playable, stable version. The roadmap linked to this post reflects that.

When we have something descent, we'll move on to creating the first part of the world. I'm still hesitating, but it will most likely be the "national road" first. Then eventually, the grader will get it's systems upgraded with more realism (fuel consumption, battery charge, engine temperature, maintenance, etc.). Then, the dumper truck will be coded to phases 1 and 2 (basic and advanced systems). It will be the opportunity to make sure the embark/disembark system works on two different vehicles.

More screenshots and videos to come soon!

Thanks for all the kind words I got after my last update. Many people reached in the comments or via a private message, even on YouTube. Thank you so much, that's giving me fuel to carry on!

Have a great week,



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